Top 10 Middle Eastern Foods

Middle Eastern Food

In any culture, food and flavour are big decision makers in any given event. In a Middle-Eastern wedding, traditionally speaking, if it’s possible to serve the popular appetizers, foods, drinks or desserts, then every attempt will be made to do so.

The Top 10 Middle Eastern foods are:

#1 – Hummus: It’s a mashed chickpea dip that combines tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It’s a simple appetizer that is often served with pita bread.

#2 – Tahini: Tahini is the base of many different types of Middle Eastern recipes. The ‘paste’ acts like a condiment and used in sandwiches, on crackers and particularly with falafel.

#3 – Falafel: This particular food item is particularly recognized globally. The fried chickpea balls are mixed in with onions and spices to make a tasty appetizer or a light vegetarian meal. Falafel is often placed in pita bread to make a wrap, mixed with veggies like pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley.

#4 – Tabouleh: When you’re looking for something a little different in salads, this particular dish is fantastic for providing a ‘zesty attitude’ to your ‘healthy diet’. It is made of cracked wheat, mint, parsley, onions and tomatoes.

#5 – Pita Bread: It is literally the basic element of any meal in the Middle-East. Warm, often toasted, stuffed or dipped, pita bread is the most versatile food in the Middle-East.

#6 – Baklava: If you want a sweet dessert in the Middle-East, you can’t go wrong with a small piece of baklava. we use orange blossom or rose water for the syrup and often pistachios as the main flavouring for the dessert.

#7 – Baba Ghannouj: This vegetarian favourite boasts eggplant, lemon, tahini and just a little bit of salt to make the taste really bold. It’s mashed and mixed to be served as a dip or spread.

#8 – Turkish Coffee: Have you ever been to a Middle-Eastern home and been served Turkish coffee in stylish little cups that are often hand designed. The more prestigious the cup; the fancier the etiquette, the more a ‘sign of respect’ is given.

#9 – Foul Mudammes: A boiled fava bean with spices. This can be served mashed usually for a traditional breakfast.

#10 – Turkish Delight: A sweet candy called lokum in the Middle-East. Made from sugar and cornstarch, these candies are what children often crave as opposed to Gummy Bears or Sour Worms.

What food is often served at your dinner table?