Noir Label Custom Suits

Custom Made Suits

Noir Label has the latest in classic looks for men in clothing and custom suits. Participating in the first annual Middle Eastern Bridal Show; Noir Label returns for a second year offering a larger more refined collection.

NOIR Label is a full service menswear clothier. Servicing the greater Toronto area they strive to be a gentleman’s first choice in fine tailoring, with an emphasis on quality and outstanding service. Their years of experience have enabled them to source the finest fabrics, perfect their build process and partner with a team of skilled artisans to bring clients a truly remarkable custom made garment.

We are all alike in our desire to succeed, feel strong and be distinguished. Like a firm handshake, a fresh shave or a healthy physique, our attire can project the best elements of who we are.

We buy our suits to look professional, feel confident and stand out from the crowd. But off-the-rack suits were built with an ambiguous design in mind, and have left many of us with baggy pants, flappy sleeves and shoulders that just don’t look right. While some of these alterations can be done, others are not possible or simply too expensive and can ruin the overall shape of the garment.

Out of this disappointment and frustration, NOIR was created. It is the undying and uncompromising demand for perfection. It’s the superior solution of custom design. While colors have their variances and shades of uncertainty, NOIR is absolute and unwavering. This constant truth has formed the foundation for our values.

A culture of friendship and loyalty, where our clients are individually known and understood.

A selection of outstanding weaves that must impress every time in order to survive.

A process that has been scrutinized and meticulously refined to perfection.

A perfect fit guarantee that sees every commitment to the very end.

Be sure to visit Noir Label’s booth at the Middle Eastern Bridal Show on March 7th, 2015 at the International Centre in Mississauga.