Marrying Outside of Middle Eastern Culture

Middle Eastern

As a Lebanese woman, I can honestly say that as soon as I say I met a nice man, the first question my mother asks, ‘Where is he from?’ It is always fun to explain to your parents that you really like the person and the cultural and religious beliefs are just a side concept not the whole picture and your happiness is much more important, of course. That whole discussion almost always ends in, ‘But I’m the one marrying him, NOT YOU.’

The Middle Eastern Mentality

The reason a lot of my friends and family members have given me on marrying within our own culture is that if you share the culture it is much easier to make decisions in the upbringing of your children, making certain decisions and following certain traditions. Also; having common ground in a relationship is vital.

However, when living in a city like Toronto where multiculturalism meets reality; it is much easier to forget tradition and a simple common factor and go with feelings. It’s important that there is mutual respect and care and generally the parents do come around in the end because they simply care about their children’s underlying happiness.

How have your parents reacted to your mergers?