Spotlight: Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering

Masrawy – The closest thing to Egyptian “Soulfood” We know that searching for Authentic Egyptian Cuisine that is actually full of flavor can be difficult to find in Toronto and that is precisely why we are thrilled to have Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering as a vendor at our Bridal Show this year. They capture the […]


We stand with Paramount quality, paramount freshness, paramount service and the difference is noticeably PARAMOUNT. Paramount is not an expectation, it’s their name. We are extremely excited to welcome back Paramount Fine Foods as a vendor at The Third Annual Middle Eastern Bridal Show! Paramount Fine Foods has become the most sought after Middle East restaurant […]

Spotlight: NOIR Labels Custom Suits

The Devil is in the Details. We call it NOIR. Noir Label has the latest in classic looks for men in clothing and custom suits. A crowd favorite and a staple at both our previous Middle Eastern Bridal Shows; Noir Label returns for a third year offering an even larger more refined collection. A full […]

A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…

It’s the happiest day of your life, it’s the magical moment you have been waiting for, forever. But of course, something has to go wrong… the photographer you hired from Craigslist hasn’t shown up yet; the videographer your friend Jane told you about decided you don’t need audio for the video; and the caterer you ‘googled’ that can make ‘tabouli’ and […]

Top 10 Middle Eastern Foods

In any culture, food and flavour are big decision makers in any given event. In a Middle-Eastern wedding, traditionally speaking, if it’s possible to serve the popular appetizers, foods, drinks or desserts, then every attempt will be made to do so. The Top 10 Middle Eastern foods are: #1 – Hummus: It’s a mashed chickpea dip […]

Top 5 Middle Eastern Wedding Traditions

Every country has unique traditions that follow the bride and groom and are usually a must-have. Here they are: Jordan Traditional wedding celebrations last a week that begins with small gatherings of family and close friends. As the days pass and the wedding grows closer, the parties increase in size. More guests are invited and […]