A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…


It’s the happiest day of your life, it’s the magical moment you have been waiting for, forever. But of course, something has to go wrong… the photographer you hired from Craigslist hasn’t shown up yet; the videographer your friend Jane told you about decided you don’t need audio for the video; and the caterer you ‘googled’ that can make ‘tabouli’ and ‘other middle-eastern stuff’ has come down with food poisoning, ironically, from ‘the other stuff.’

Are you having a nervous breakdown, yet? No? Well, guess what? Your mother-in-law has shown up… wearing white. 

The Bride Shall Freak

Is the panic settling in? Are you seeing red? The Middle Eastern Bridal Show is designed to keep things clean, simple, organized and intimate. You will get to know the name of your photographer on a first name basis, you’ll sample the food before it ever even hits actual plates and the venue staff will be the ones that can understand that in the moment of crisis – they are all you have left. 

Does that sound slightly dramatic? An average bride spends 90% of her life planning her big day. The remaining 10% left over is worrying about the outcome of that day.